Trick or treating dos and don’ts

Sometimes it’s good to have a little reminder of trick or treating etiquette so that everyone gets to enjoy the activity…

  • If there’s a pumpkin outside/& or the house is decorated then it’s OK to knock.
  • If the lights are off – that means no trick or treaters welcome.
  • Don’t forget your manners! Wait your turn, take one sweet (don’t be picky) and always remember your please and thank yous.
  • Stay away from any lit candles as costumes tend to be highly flammable!
  • Respect people’s homes – stay off lawns and don’t drop any litter on the ground.
  • Trick or treating should end by 9 o’clock or sooner.
  • Older kids need to remember not to frighten people and no tricks (flour, eggs etc.)
  • Never let young kids trick or treat alone.

And most of all, have fun!

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