Week 4: progress at The Better Body Group

Now let’s talk nutrition… if there’s one consistent message from the BBG team, it’s that a big push in exercise and a calorie deficit will get you results. It’s biophysics after all! Forget what you’ve learnt or been told by other professionals; you have to trust in the programme as these guys know what they’re talking about.

So when you’re advised to eat 1200 calories a day, it might come as a bit of a shock. How can this possibly fuel you while you ramp up your exercise regime? But the body is clever and will start using fat stores for energy and that’s the sweet spot for burning fat. Don’t forget this is a fat loss programme not a weight loss one.

In the first two weeks, I lost 2 kilos but the inches weren’t shifting so quickly. So I sought advice from Jason who spent time with me talking through tweaks to make to my diet. It’s not for the faint-hearted, you’ve got to want to get results! Be prepared to give up alcohol and to be a bit hungry all the time! One cheat meal a week is OK just to keep you on the straight and narrow. I made an exception this weekend for my friend’s 40th. I had 2 glasses of champagne, which was extremely restrained for me and my goodness did I feel it the next day! It’s massively put me off drinking again (which is quite handy really!)

I’m at the start of week 4 now and can see such a huge improvement in my abilities. OK, I was pretty fit to begin with so in terms of base fitness I had it, but to see such a step change in my own abilities in just 4 weeks is quite staggering.

Like I said last week, I’ve encountered lots of different trainers for my PT sessions, which I’m very glad of. You can express an interest in a certain activity and they are happy for you to try it. I loved my boxing session in my PT last week. Every trainer adds something different, but always with a smile and genuine interest. If you find a trainer you really like, you can always book PTs with them in the future if you decide to stick with BBG. But to be honest, once you step foot in this place, it’s unlikely you’ll ever want to leave…

If you want to chat through packages with the BBG team or are interested in finding out more about their next Shape Off series, get in touch with Chris Wharton at chris@betterbodygroup.co.uk.

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