We meet local business owner, Susannah Schofield…

Susannah with her daughters

We were delighted to meet local business owner, Susannah Schofield, of KWIB (Kent Women in Business) magazine, recently. Here’s what we found out.

How important is social media to you?

When it comes to social media I’m a troglodyte! I don’t have a facebook page and I am behind on all things Instagram ……. But I have still heard for Sevenoaks Mums, in fact most of my friends swear by it and use it to communicate, collaborate and find work. For me not to be on a site, but still realise its power is credit to the business and its users.

What inspires you about your work?

When I bought Kent Women in Business magazine in January and started looking at what happens in business in Kent I was totally humbled by the amazing work that goes on. One thing is for sure, people like to support people locally and I love that. As Editor-in-chief of KWIB Magazine it was vital to me to provide something that was genuinely appreciated by the readers.

How have you ended up editing KWIB?

I spent nearly 20 years at Royal Mail, in charge of the Sales force and Sales Director, managing over 300 people and hundreds of millions of pounds. So, leaving to set up a business on my own seemed a little terrifying. A few years down the line my Data Research and Insight business is building and the magazine provides a vital outlet for my creative juices. KWIB has allowed me to spend time with likeminded people and understand what makes people tick and why they want to work. I have met some amazing people, including the team at Sevenoaks Mums and that really inspires me!

Tell us more about the magazine…

KWIB is the only high-end glossy magazine that focuses on working women and supporting their careers. We address the issues you need to talk about, and help make your networks really work for you. Our subscribers are driven, focused women who work hard to build their own career and business aspirations but also help others to do so too. We support those who have already achieved, and those who are just setting out on their journey.

We help women in business communicate and collaborate to achieve the best they can. We believe they need a forum to share experiences – a unique platform to get advice, share views and achieve: in a busy working day we ensure our content is full of useful facts, advice but most of all is enjoyable to read. We value your opinion and the KWIB magazine will always deliver a great investment of your time.


If you have anything you want to shout about in the Magazine that can help other women in business then email us and we will be in touch.

Susannah is kindly offering all Sevenoaks Mums members a reduced annual magazine subscription. Click here and enter code sevenoaksmums to receive a 10% discount.



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