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Registration for the next 6 week Shape Off at The Better Body Group is now open. It starts the week beginning Jan 7th. What is it? Our Shape Off is a transformation plan aimed at losing as much body fat as possible in just 6 weeks. If you’re looking for a much needed boost in fitness, to get in shape after the indulgent Christmas holidays, or simply a focused plan to get you back on track post illness or injury, this is the perfect programme for you! What it includes?

What does ‘being healthy’ mean to you? Come and join a discussion on physical, mental and emotional health at St Julians Club on Tuesday 29th January 9.30-12.30. Panel of expert speakers Naomi Buff of Nourish by Naomi, Sian Rickard of Sian Rickard PT, Jennie Gough of Rewire Your Food Brain and Jess White of YogiTribe Kick off 2019 armed with knowledge and advice to support YOUR health. CLICK HERE for tickets.

Self-funding can be a smart way to a swift hospital appointment but, with more and more treatments advertised, the choice can feel overwhelming. However, with some careful research and consideration it is possible to find the right private hospital or clinic to help. There are lots of reasons why choosing to self-fund a medical treatment or procedure might be the best approach for your circumstances. Everything from diagnostic procedures, like MRI, X-rays or colonoscopies to surgical procedures such as knee replacements or weight loss surgery can be self-funded.   The

4 STEPS FOR ACHIEVING A ‘TONED’ PHYSIQUE  Nearly every client I work with uses the word toning as one of their main goals. Toning is not a special adaptation that happens to the muscle (or fat) to make you look more “toned”, it is quite simply a loss of body fat coupled with an increase (or just maintenance) of muscle mass.  Most fad diet plans are not appropriate for toning, or for long term maintainable fat loss. They all have one thing in common: Extremely low calories. Nearly all of

We’re half way through the summer holidays and you *may* be feeling a little jaded so we thought we’d highlight some of the well known ways in which to turn down that dial, take a moment and reset.  We all know if can be full on entertaining the children over the long summer holidays but if you get a moment when the kids are happily playing by themselves, on a playdate or maybe with a relative, don’t do the ironing! Treat yourself to something like this: Read a book –

At this time of year when the air is cold and crisp and frost carpets the ground like glittering diamonds, our minds turn to love. To wine and roses and holding hands. What doesn’t come to mind is forgiveness. This is something that is rarely talked about in our culture, and when it is more often thought of as ‘letting off’ the person being forgiven. Forgiveness may be seen as an act of sacrifice, or even something that only saints can manage! But here’s the thing – it takes a

Thanks to Anna and Mandy at Simply Nutritious Delicious for this fab QUICK & EASY recipe! Prawn and Okra Curry. A quick and healthy onepot – perfect spice hit for a Frazzled Friday! This curry takes 15 minutes start to finish. Feeds two.⠀ ⠀ 360g raw tiger prawns⠀ 175g Okra cut in half lengthways. (if you can’t okra use baby courgettes but add towards the end or even green beans)⠀ 150g fresh tomatoes roughly chopped⠀ 2 large shallots or 1 onion finely chopped⠀ 3 garlic cloves finely chopped⠀ Thumb piece

We’re living in an age of technology, where children are more exposed to laptops, tablets and games consoles than ever, so it’s really important that they get plenty of outdoor time too. Technology is great but, as with anything in life, it’s all about balance, and there are so many benefits to getting them outside. Here are just a handful of them. Exposure to wildlife Whilst there’s no doubt that the Internet is a great source of information, and a place where kids can learn about wildlife all around the

Founder of The Peacock Rooms, Sarah Rumsey shares with us her secret to relaxation when leading a busy, family life… ‘Ahhhh me time’… So important to our health and happiness, yet ever so elusive since marriage, children, buying houses, walking the dog . . . and never ending list of to do’s. And yet, I still strive to find the time because I honestly believe that it makes me a better mum, wife, professional and make up artist. For me it can be near on impossible to escape for a

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