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Why start swimming with your baby from an early age and what to look for when choosing a swim school Your baby was born with the natural ability to swim and to hold their breath underwater and after 9 months in the fluid environment of Mummy’s tummy are very ready to begin learning that incredible life skill of swimming. What’s more, learning that life saving skill can also be great for fun, fitness and relaxation for both baby and parent. There are many baby swim schools available and by finding

In 2012, after twenty years of teaching aquatic skills both abroad and in the UK, Penny Watkins founded Aqualife Swimming in Sevenoaks. It has now become one of the most popular and highly recommended independent swim schools in the area. Here, Penny tells us why swimming is an essential life skill for any child, as well as explaining some of the unique and holistic techniques that Aqualife use to teach children and adults to swim. LEARN TO SWIM AND SAVE YOUR LIFE With so many extra-curricular activities and sports to

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