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Pretty Edible Stylist, Natalie Seldon shares this special Gyoza recipe – the filling can be adapted to whatever vegetable is in season and which lends itself to the recipe.  She explains that the most common filling is pork and cabbage but as the shape of the gyoza is the main characteristic, in theory you really can put anything you like in them. Makes about 30 olive oil 200g pork mince 25g garden peas (if frozen, blanched) 25g asparagus, roughly chopped 1 spring onion, roughly chopped 1 garlic clove 2cm ginger

Pretty Edible Stylist takes us back to her Jewish roots with this comforting recipe for Challah;  the mildly decadent and seriously delicious sweet bread… Traditional Challah is often studded with raisins and served at New Year. If this addition tickles your fancy, you can easily add raisins or sultanas instead of the chocolate chunks. Straight loaves of braided challah are eaten throughout the year and round challahs typically takes its place on the Sabbath.   Total time about 1 hour, plus 2 ½ hours rising Makes 2 loaves 3 ¾

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