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Last week we hosted a fantastic Meet the Bloggers event. Three local bloggers were invited to join us, Anna from Anna’s Family Kitchen, Gem The Organised Mum and Jo The Guilty Mother to talk through their success stories, the reality of blogging and to share some top blogging tips with our audience. One of the questions the panel was asked was around the use of devices and the fact that we’re using them for our day-to-day busy lives, our jobs and socially. How do we balance this to ensure that bad habits

Sometimes it’s good to have a little reminder of trick or treating etiquette so that everyone gets to enjoy the activity… If there’s a pumpkin outside/& or the house is decorated then it’s OK to knock. If the lights are off – that means no trick or treaters welcome. Don’t forget your manners! Wait your turn, take one sweet (don’t be picky) and always remember your please and thank yous. Stay away from any lit candles as costumes tend to be highly flammable! Respect people’s homes – stay off lawns

Why start swimming with your baby from an early age and what to look for when choosing a swim school Your baby was born with the natural ability to swim and to hold their breath underwater and after 9 months in the fluid environment of Mummy’s tummy are very ready to begin learning that incredible life skill of swimming. What’s more, learning that life saving skill can also be great for fun, fitness and relaxation for both baby and parent. There are many baby swim schools available and by finding

Thank you Shoezone for sharing your family travel hacks with Sevenoaks Mums – packed full of practical tips to make traveling go as smoothly as possible! We all love to head off on our holidays, for some sun, sea, sand, and (most importantly) a chance to relax. But when you have small children, toddlers or babies, travelling can become less of a relaxing experience, and more of a nightmare at 35,000 feet! We’ve put together a list of family travel hacks that will help you through the stress of actually going on holiday.

Have you ever seen the effects of a child visiting someone who has Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia? If you have, you know that the effect that children have is significant, especially for older adults who are living with dementia. It’s not uncommon to witness a child enter the facility and see a dramatic change in the engagement levels of persons with dementia. Suddenly, “Sarah the resident” is smiling, leaning toward the child and talking to her. If the young child is willing and walks over toward Sarah and is

In 2012, after twenty years of teaching aquatic skills both abroad and in the UK, Penny Watkins founded Aqualife Swimming in Sevenoaks. It has now become one of the most popular and highly recommended independent swim schools in the area. Here, Penny tells us why swimming is an essential life skill for any child, as well as explaining some of the unique and holistic techniques that Aqualife use to teach children and adults to swim. LEARN TO SWIM AND SAVE YOUR LIFE With so many extra-curricular activities and sports to

Naturopathic Nutritionist, Kiowa Reynolds shares 7 steps we can take to build a stronger immune system in our children… Recurrent infections, colds, flu, gastrointestinal bugs, ear infections, constant runny noses. Sound familiar? This seems to be expected with children nowadays, and while it is an important lesson for your child’s developing immune system to contract certain pathogens and diseases in order to evolve their immune response and reducing the risk of further illness in the future, it should not mean that children are frequently fighting infections. There is a lot

Research has shown that a bad divorce can have a deep and lasting impact on children, begging the question why parents are still not embracing alternative less adversarial options open to them? It doesn’t take a degree in child psychology to know that family breakdowns have a profound influence on the children involved. Divorce is increasingly prevalent in society yet studies show that the negative effect on children caught up in family feuds is no less intense than it was years ago when divorce was far rarer. The damage is

David Paton, Head at Radnor House, talks about the importance of developing resilience in our young people and how at Radnor House they intend to build it… I have been amazed at the interest generated from my recent blog on the topic of building resilience in young people. It has been shared and commented on repeatedly and it seems to have developed into something of a talking point around school. This week I’ve been asking about it on school tours with prospective parents and again and again the same response seems to

Sevenoaks Mums Top Tips: Take a picnic and a lot of snacks therefore no complaining of being hungry! Don’t forget that children under 10 travel for free on the tubes and buses. You do have to buy them a train ticket! Children accompanied by an adult are £1.  And we only recently discovered the Network Railcard – for us mums to save a third on our train travel… you’re welcome! If you buy your tickets through the National Rail you will find some offers on the more expensive days

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