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Anna’s Family Kitchen is sharing a quick and easy one tray roast. When I cook my turkey at Christmas I cover it with a maple glaze so I thought I’d try the same with a roast chicken and root veggies. This is the result! I used baby carrots and parsnips as they don’t need peeling. I just topped and tailed them and left them whole. If you’re feeding four or more you’ll need two chickens and a large roasting tray. Serves: 6 Prep: 5 minutes Cooking: 90 minutes Total: 95

The hearty, warm and spicy dishes of the mediterranean are my best food memories from summers in the South of France, enjoying my grandmother’s home cooking. Chicken is an easy and inexpensive source of lean protein but being creative with it is key to re-inventing how you will enjoy it all year long. Slow cooking is not just for the winter months. It’s a must for busy health conscious families. Put everything in early in the morning and your delicious flavoursome meal will be awaiting when you all get home,

Thank you Pretty Edible Stylist for sharing this delicious recipe. We’re big fans of one-pan meals simply for the convenience element & this one packs a flavour punch too! This is one of those delightful meals where I like to place the pan at the centre of the table, allowing everyone to help themselves! Serves 4 (this can easily be doubled or halved) 4-8 skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs (depending on size) 150g green olives 200g chorizo, sliced into chunks a large handful of fresh oregano leaves 1 red pepper and 1

By Claire Terry – Beyond the Fork Difficulty: Easy Time: 10 mins I love a thai curry, and this one is really so easy, you can use up any vegetable you have lying around, I tend to knock this up when the fresh veg is all gone and only frozen remain… This basic recipe will serve about 2 hungry people. If you feel like you need some carbs to go with it – try some roasted sweet potato, or cooked quinoa… Cook and Enjoy! Ingredients 2-3 chicken breast fillets, chopped

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