St Michael’s Prep Open Day 3rd October 2018

St Michael’s Prep School secures a record number of scholarships 

There has been celebration in the air at St Michael’s this year as the pupils have secured a record number of scholarship offers to senior schools.  This reflects the hard work, dedication and commitment that the pupils have shown to their chosen field of expertise.  We are also delighted to have 10 children accepting scholarships into Years 7 & 8 at St Michael’s.  

Being a scholar exposes the children to unique opportunities and experiences.  Our own scholars recently attended a celebration dinner where we enjoyed stunning music and drama performances and interesting speeches from our scholars about their experiences.  We also listened intently to our keynote speaker, Kim Wells (Deputy Head at Caterham School), who spoke passionately about why being a failure has made him a success.  This aligns with our beliefs at St Michael’s where children are encouraged to push themselves, take on challenges and accept that failing is a valuable part of the learning process, enabling you to be better than you were before. 

Having a growth mindset and believing that you are responsible for maximising your own development and growth has certainly enabled the children to achieve.  25% of our Year 8 cohort are progressing to prestigious schools with scholarship awards including academic, drama, music and sport success.  We are very proud of the individual way that we tailor our curriculum and the opportunities available to ensure that St Michael’s children are ready and prepared for any challenges they face on their own learning journey.  The scholarships that we offer in Year 7 & 8 for academic, all-rounder, art, drama, music and sport scholarships provide additional, personalised learning opportunities to stretch and challenge the children.  In the words of current Year 8 scholar; “the end result didn’t actually matter because I knew that I had grown and developed through the process and I am so proud of the work that I have produced”. 

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