Packing up your house can seem like an insurmountable task but having done it more than 20 times myself, there are a few tricks to make it easier.

Set aside time to declutter, taking a room at a time.

Get rid of anything that you don’t love and use.

Throw out, give-away, take to the charity shop or sell anything that doesn’t fit, is a duplicate, you’ve taken with you for the last couple of moves but haven’t even unpacked!

Once you’ve reduced your belongings, get some packing boxes and bubble wrap/newspaper/packing paper (often available free through neighbours/friends/local facebook pages).

Pack room by room using soft furnishings to protect other items eg pack photo frames in between cushions.

Try and evenly weight boxes so you don’t have a box of crockery you can’t lift or conversely a box of cushions which could be used for padding.

Label each box with it’s relevant room and number it.

Keep a master list to check off especially if you are moving from house to storage to house or have lots of people helping.

If all of the above, seems too awful to contemplate, bring in the professionals. ?

All Organised offer decluttering services

Nationwide Removals offer packing and moving services.

Francesca – Founder of Sevenoaks Mums and serial house mover.

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