Get your garden into shape for Winter

Winter blog for those larger garden tasks by Alan Davies of AJD Tree & Hedge Maintenance

After all the heat of this Summer our gardens are still looking shrivelled and Autumn has now arrived…The nights are drawing in & the temperatures are dropping, slowly leaves are changing colour so it seems that the Winter months are upon us.

Autumn/Winter is the time to start thinking about getting our gardens into shape with the most important larger tasks carried out now, including trimming all hedges whether evergreen or deciduous and why not get the smartest boarders in Kent & make your neighbours envious.

Great time to give those overgrown shrubs the hair cut they deserve or even re purposing their existing shape to allow extra light in and create an opportunity for underplanting with a stunning carpet of low-level Spring bulbs.

Now is the perfect time to tackle the larger gardening jobs before the frost & snow set in which could cause damage to large tree limbs.

The stress that trees & shrubs have been under from the lack of water this Summer has led to early leaf drop & the death of individual branches & whole trees… Dealing with this now is a priority whilst you can see the bits that are alive before the final leaf fall. It is now is the time to get the experts in to cut back all the dead material to healthy leaf buds on a living branch before the final leaf fall.

Take this opportunity to book in a professional now before their diaries become solidly booked.

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