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Mulled Sparkling Pear Cocktail The days of summer, Spritzers and chilled Rosé are now long forgotten. Christmas countdown feels like it’s snowballing to the 25th.  Turkey order in and your menu all planned.  Now get ready to impress your guests and your taste buds with this little tipple with a difference.  It can be made in larger quantities, which is great for entertaining family and friends. Mulled Sparkling Pear Cocktail – A sparkling pear cider, with a mulled brandy syrup and garnished with a brûlée pear slice. It’s super easy

A bloggers workshop covering: Website design, social media channels, content creation, SEO, scheduling, collaboration and networking. Tutors Gemma Mahoney-Jones and Annabel Watts will expertly guide you through the process to to learn all the tools to make your blog fly! Suitable for businesses wanting create a blog to market their products or services, Bloggers wanting to monetise their blog or those running a blog as a hobby. A great chance to form a network of other local bloggers. Maximum 20 places available. Tickets available HERE

The bank of England estimate that a typical household will spend £2,000 each month.  With Christmas, this amount can increase quite considerably in December.  They estimate that an additional £500 could be spent during that month. At a time when we meet up with family and friends more than we would in any other month a lot of this additional expenditure relates to eating out, food and drinking alcohol. Their research shows that compared to a typical month food purchases are up 20% and alcohol even more at 30%. It’s not all

We’ve all heard or seen the big push to SUPPORT your local INDEPENDENTs but sometimes you may feel there’s not enough choice.  We are bombarded by a lot of online choice BUT supporting your local high street, or gem of a shop in your village, means you are getting great QUALITY presents AND you’re also supporting local talent, job opportunities, community, friendships, joie de vivre and Christmas cheer! Give presents that mean MORE.   Here are a few of the Sevenoaks Mums favourites. Devine on Dorset Street for party wear

The Sevenoaks Bookshop has been open since 1948, when Basil and Frances Krish bought John Richardson’s secondhand bookshop and renamed it as The Sevenoaks Bookshop. As soon as they could they replaced the old books with brand new stock.  Basil Krish sold the business to Winifred Scott in 1985 after 37 years. Valerie Glencross and Sarah Webb-Wilson took over in 2000, and then after another fifteen years Fleur Sinclair became the current owner in 2015. So Sevenoaks Mums, you can trust this stalwart of the Sevenoaks High Street to deliver

A new nursery is opening September 2019 at The New Beacon, offering term time care for girls and boys rising three. The best way to experience the charm of it is to arrange a visit. A daily hot lunch and wrap around care is also provided – very helpful for parents working in London. To find out more or to book a visit, please call the Registrar on 01732 452131. To view The New Beacon website, please click HERE.

5 steps to drop a dress size (and still enjoy Christmas)   By Chris Wharton at the Better Body Group With the ‘Little Black Dress’ season about to kick off, and the endless offerings of booze and rich foods coming our way, it’s a difficult time of year to keep your weight in check. That’s why I’m a big fan of spending the first 2-3 weeks of December being super disciplined with your nutrition and exercise to counter some of the inevitable indulgence. Without sounding like a massive bore, I’m aware

Today has been a troubled day. Troubled because we heard an innocent, darling little boy of 10 died of the largest genetic killer of children. The same devastating disease our beautiful 6 year old boy Connor also suffers from. Yet it’s a disease you have probably not heard of.  Nor had we. Until that fateful day, just 4 days after his 4th birthday.  The appointment we will never forget, with the most life changing result. Following a very brief assessment of Connor, the consultant said, “ I think he has

In February 2016, the bottom fell out of Matt and Emma Crawford’s world. Just four days after their son Connor’s 4th birthday, the gorgeous, boisterous, fun loving boy from Hildenborough was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy called Duchenne. Duchenne attacks the muscles and in most cases mobility is lost by the age of 10. It will eventually attack the lungs and heart which will lead to respiratory issues and loss of life around early 20s. Unfortunately, today it has no cure.  However, we are on a mission to

We enjoyed another of the Sevenoaks Mums #MyTime Events on Wednesday.  This time the topic was ‘Meet the Bloggers’ with Anna of Anna’s family Kitchen, Gem of The Organised Mum and Jo of Guilty Mother on our panel of speaker.  We heard their pearls of wisdom on running a successful blog and what it has led onto for them.  We’re talking; speaking engagements, paid advertising, freebies, meeting their idols, TV and radio gigs, raising the profile of charities and movements important to them, using their brains and showing their children

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