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David Paton, Head at Radnor House, talks about the importance of developing resilience in our young people and how at Radnor House they intend to build it… I have been amazed at the interest generated from my recent blog on the topic of building resilience in young people. It has been shared and commented on repeatedly and it seems to have developed into something of a talking point around school. This week I’ve been asking about it on school tours with prospective parents and again and again the same response seems to

Enjoy the summer but keep those skills ticking over! Mrs.J is here with second instalment of wise words, this time looking at literacy…. As we discussed last week, skills decay in all of us; only yesterday we were all fluent in French but now, as parents, we can barely scrape the linguistic ability to order a meal. It is not a giant leap of understanding that children need their leant skills to be kept ticking over during long holidays.  As with the numeracy hints, there should be no forcing, no

Playing outside provides unlimited opportunities for creativity, imagination, connecting to the natural environment and for personal growth. Think back to a time when you used to play as a child. Can you picture where this was? Most adults, when asked, find that their favourite play memories involve an outdoor, natural space. There has been much research on the benefits of outdoor play. Helen Bilton, an Educational Advisor and author of ‘Playing Outside’ describes the main benefits in her view: ‘Firstly, outside is a natural environment for children. There is a freedom associated with the

Love it or loathe it, screens are a part of our and our children’s lives.  Why not embrace the fantastic technology available out there, and use it to help your kids’ educational goals.  Here we go through just a few our our favourite apps which support letter learning, phonics and reading. Endless Alphabet, £4.99, 5s and under This app will keep your children glued to the screen with its quirky monsters. They will learn about the alphabet, practice their spelling, extend their vocabulary or a combination of all three!  

Need to take the pain out of helping your kids on their way with maths?  Here are some of the team’s favourite maths apps for a varying range of ages, which we think your kids will love playing (and learning) with. Moose Math, pre-schoolers and reception, iPad £1.99 This is a great introduction to simple maths for younger children that they will love.  They will be introduced to the EYFS and KS1 basics of numeracy (sequences, counting, addition, subtraction). Little Digits, iPad, £2.99, under 5s Little Digits is a fun educational app

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