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When Pizza Express approached us with an offer of a free meal in exchange for a review of their restaurant we were more than happy to accept! (What’s not to love about a free dinner out for the whole family = no cooking for me and no mess at home!!) We visited on a Saturday late afternoon with the kids in tow. It was quite busy but we were seated very quickly at a nice table with plenty of room for our double buggy and mountains of shopping! The menu didn’t

Bigger, better & muddier than ever before, the UK’s biggest children’s obstacle course – The Little Welly arrives at St Clere Estate, Kent on the weekend of September 22nd & 23rd. This is a new venue for The Little Welly, who are hoping that the children & parents of Kent & the surrounding areas enjoy the experience as much as Surrey, Oxfordshire & Hertfordshire do. With 30 big obstacles over a 3km course, kids will have the time of their life as they run, jump, climb, swing, slide and crawl

Thank you to Heart Shaped Spoon for sharing top tips on how to minimise the inevitable sugar rush over Easter! Easter is nearly upon us and it seems obligatory now that our children will be plied with vast quantities of sugar which if you had it your way would last them until Christmas, but in reality it never does! If excessive sugar consumption is something that as a parent is playing on your mind, read on to discover great alternatives to try this year. 1. Take matters into your own hands,

Thank you to the Sevenoaks Bookshop for compiling this fab list of Christmas reads for kids! Christmas Crackers A Peter Rabbit Tale: A Christmas Wish £5.99, (3+) Will the four little bunnies get what they want for Christmas? Santa Selfie by Peter Bently £6.99, (3+) Santa decides to go on holiday for Christmas but his celebrity status starts to drive him mad. All I want for Christmas by Rachel Bright £6.99, (3+) What does mummy penguin want for Christmas? Oliver Elephant by Lou Peacock £6.99, (3+) Oliver Elephant gets lost on Christmas

  You will need: 340g Corn Starch 170g Washing up liquid A few drops of food colouring A Bowl! Making Method: Put all of the above ingredients into a bowl and start mixing with a spoon. When the mixture starts to crumble, it;s time to get messy and use your hands. You may need to play around and add more soap, or less depending. This is very simple, yet effective and fun. Bonus – there is no borax in sight, so you wont be making a trip to the shop

Hopefully the summer holidays will include some impromptu day trips and to keep things simple why not have a box of activities and essentials in the boot so you are ready to go when the mood takes you. The Sevenoaks Mums team give their essential list: Suncream – Child’s Farm suncream gets our vote.  They say: ‘Our sun cream has an actual SPF of 66.8, allowing us to say it’s 50+. It’s also water resistant to keep young and sensitive skin fully protected, moisturised and hydrated in the sunshine. Suitable

Blog courtesy of Amazing Animal Encounters Rabbits. A typical animal that springs (pardon the pun) to mind when we think of children’s pets. The twitchy little nose, fluffy cotton tail, big eyes and overall cute look appeals to children. Their apparent meekness appeals to us parents. Step into any pet shop that sells animals and you will see rabbits, marketed at young families looking to enrich their children’s lives. Yes, pets are enriching and rewarding, but I want to stop you a moment with some food for thought. Are rabbits really right for you,

Blog courtesy of Kelly Allan, Healthy Bellies, Happy Kids What we eat can influence our behaviour and mood in so many ways. Nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances as well as poor gut health and the presence of certain microbes or pathogens can also influence behaviour and the brain. Over the coming months, I am going to present a series of articles that touches on these fascinating topics. In very simple terms, Children act bad when they feel bad. In the first article in this series I look at one of

What a lucky bunch of mums we are…. we’ve really enjoyed reading about all the lovely Mother’s Day gifts you’ve received and given – thank you for sharing! The lucky lady who wins afternoon tea for two at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens is Jennifer Rasteiro! Congratulations to you & thank you again to everyone who took part. Interested in more family-friendly places to visit? Don’t forget to check our directory listings for ideas.

Playing outside provides unlimited opportunities for creativity, imagination, connecting to the natural environment and for personal growth. Think back to a time when you used to play as a child. Can you picture where this was? Most adults, when asked, find that their favourite play memories involve an outdoor, natural space. There has been much research on the benefits of outdoor play. Helen Bilton, an Educational Advisor and author of ‘Playing Outside’ describes the main benefits in her view: ‘Firstly, outside is a natural environment for children. There is a freedom associated with the

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