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Naturopathic Nutritionist, Kiowa Reynolds shares 7 steps we can take to build a stronger immune system in our children… Recurrent infections, colds, flu, gastrointestinal bugs, ear infections, constant runny noses. Sound familiar? This seems to be expected with children nowadays, and while it is an important lesson for your child’s developing immune system to contract certain pathogens and diseases in order to evolve their immune response and reducing the risk of further illness in the future, it should not mean that children are frequently fighting infections. There is a lot

We’re always grateful for The Better Body Group’s level-headed advice, especially now during this sometimes ‘tricky’ Christmas season! Tilly Kyle, Exercise specialist from The BBG shares her wisdom… Christmas really has started early this year with Christmas tunes playing on our radios long before December started. Whether you are a Christmas fanatic or a scrooge-wannabe, one thing is for certain: we will eat an excessive amount over the festive season. People consume, on average, around 3000 calories per day at Christmas, over one and a half times more than the

When I was asked if I’d like to attend a Style and Nutrition workshop run by professional stylist Fleur McCrone and nutrition expert Jennie Gough, I jumped at the chance! Having already gained so much from Jennie’s ‘Rewire Your Food Brain’ programme last year I knew I was in for a treat. And with the added style insight from Fleur, it’s a match made in heaven. The workshop aims to give you advice on how to refresh your wardrobe, your mindset and your larder! It’s an informal and friendly day, held

You don’t want it enough Let’s get the most obvious cause out of the way first. We all love the idea of being in great shape, but are not so in love with the hard work it takes to get there. The science of fat loss is relatively simple (for most), aside from some rare gut issues and genetic disorders the majority of us will lose body fat simply by lowering our calorie intake, and raising our activity levels. Simple, however, does not mean easy. The harsh truth is that

Nizels have planned a series of events, talks and activities starting on Thursday 15 June through to Sunday 18 June . There’s something for everyone (from fashion to beer, to kids golf!), so why not head down with the family this weekend? Itinerary details below. For further information about the activities, please contact Callum at Nizels, 01732 833833 or email

Playing outside provides unlimited opportunities for creativity, imagination, connecting to the natural environment and for personal growth. Think back to a time when you used to play as a child. Can you picture where this was? Most adults, when asked, find that their favourite play memories involve an outdoor, natural space. There has been much research on the benefits of outdoor play. Helen Bilton, an Educational Advisor and author of ‘Playing Outside’ describes the main benefits in her view: ‘Firstly, outside is a natural environment for children. There is a freedom associated with the

The Better Body Group share a short workout you can do in the mornings – a fat loss routine we should all follow regularly: Having just started one of our 6-week transformation programmes one of the key suggestions we make to help keep you on track is a solid morning routine. By this we mean a short home workout to complete first thing in the morning. The routine outlined below is designed to be short, simple and require no equipment. A routine like this is perfect for firing up your metabolism, wake

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