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Sevenoaks Mums Top Tips: Take a picnic and a lot of snacks therefore no complaining of being hungry! Don’t forget that children under 10 travel for free on the tubes and buses. You do have to buy them a train ticket! Children accompanied by an adult are £1.  And we only recently discovered the Network Railcard – for us mums to save a third on our train travel… you’re welcome! If you buy your tickets through the National Rail you will find some offers on the more expensive days

With the summer holidays approaching, we thought you might like to find out more about Buzy Bees, a children’s softplay facility in Ash, Kent, opened in October 2015 & aimed at children between the ages of 0-12. The owner of Buzy Bees explains their concept… Buzy Bees is a family-run business and our wish was to create somewhere that parents could take their children to play but also to be able to join other parents in a friendly relaxing atmosphere. The property was completely revamped between August and October 2015 which included a new modern Café’

Blog courtesy of David Paton, Head at Radnor House It’s a trendy topic to discuss toughness in education but having spent the weekend finishing off “Clever Lands” by Lucy Crehan it was obvious to me that a huge amount of success in education, mirrored time and again across the world, is down to how hard and how effectively children work throughout their school career. The following is my five point guide to improving your child’s mental toughness: 1) Praise effort NOT output – this one is so important. The subtle

Playing outside provides unlimited opportunities for creativity, imagination, connecting to the natural environment and for personal growth. Think back to a time when you used to play as a child. Can you picture where this was? Most adults, when asked, find that their favourite play memories involve an outdoor, natural space. There has been much research on the benefits of outdoor play. Helen Bilton, an Educational Advisor and author of ‘Playing Outside’ describes the main benefits in her view: ‘Firstly, outside is a natural environment for children. There is a freedom associated with the

Blog content courtesy of Healthy Bellies, Happy Kids At this time of year, we seem to be bombarded with coughs and snot at every turn. Here are some tips for keeping your family healthy during cold and flu season and all year-round. Limit sugar consumption. Several clinical studies have shown sugar consumption to physically inhibit immune function for a significant period of time. The impairment of immune function is said to begin less than 30 minutes after sugar ingestion and remain that way for more than five hours!! The height

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