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If you’re reading this and you’re pregnant congratulations I personally think you have picked the best time of year to get dressed and rock your bump, I had two summer babies and although it may seem daunting at first it’s actually quite liberating.

Instead of layering up and feeling uncomfortable, you get to let it all hang out with something like a maxi dress and a pair of flip flops, or equally a pair of maternity jeans and a summer top.

If this is your first pregnancy lets get a few fashion/shopping things straight….

You will NOT wear your old clothes again and you will NOT wear any of your maternity clothes after you’ve had your baby, so do not buy with that in mind and spend more than you should.  Trust me you will not want to be reminded of pregnancy when your starting to feel like your back in control of your body. This is a great time for you to embrace change and that new things are on the horizon.

In the 14 years since I was first pregnant, maternity fashion has changed no end and most high street stores are now on the bandwagon designing clothing that does the job and is on trend.  It was so much easier the second time around with my daughter 4 years ago and it just keeps getting better.  I always say there is no need to lose your your style and sense of identity because you’re pregnant. In fact a lot of my clients manage to get away with avoiding maternity fashion all together and just keep wearing their usual choice of clothes with a few tweaks or buy a bit bigger.  But again don’t be fooled, you will not wear these clothes afterwards no matter how much you tell yourself that, so just buy for the NOW and buy what you like for NOW, not what will look good post pregnancy.

This season the trends are floaty, floral and ruffly. I would probably try to avoid the ruffle as it can add pounds if not worn correctly. The boho vibe gives you the opportunity to accessorise which can be the making of your capsule summer maternity wardrobe. If you don’t want to spend money on clothes you know you’ll probably never wear again invest in some beautiful footwear, bags and costume jewellery which is always my advice.

My maternity shopping list:

2 Skinny Maternity Jeans

3 long tops

3 vests to match the colours of the tops

2 plain maxi dresses

3 pairs of sandals

1 pair of trainer (trendy ones not gym ones)

1 denim jacket

1 leather jacket

Lots of fabulous accessories and 1 big scarf.

These are the items I think will see you through. The leather and denim jackets do not need to be maternity or you may already own them which is even better.  Same goes for accessories and footwear so really that gives you very little to buy to see you through the months ahead.  And also not the guilt that comes when needing to throw them out when your when you finally come to the realisation you’ll never wear these items again!

However if you want to go away from the capsule list here are a few of my finds on the web for SS17 maternity fashion.

ASOS Double Layer Dress in Animal Print £35

ASOS Maternity Dress with High Neck Plunge £25

ASOS Maternity Nursing Choker Details Wrap Jumper £35


My favourite maternity jeans from GAP £45

Also GAP £44.95

A few pieces from Top Shop:

Maternity Crinkle Flute Sleeve Blouse £29

Topshop Maternity Sampson Shacket £45

Top Shop Maternity V Cut Out Top £29

Topshop Throw on Sweat Dress £30

If you need any help with your shopping or sorting out a capsule wardrobe for your summer ahead then do get in touch and we can make this summer your most effortlessly fabulous yet.

Victoria x


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