Is Russell House on your radar? Here’s why it should be…

Happy children learn. That’s why Russell House places such importance on its warm, family atmosphere. It’s why children love coming to our school.

Russell-House-Pic-1At Russell House, there is a genuine focus on individuals, which means the strengths of each child are identified and encouraged across all their activities: in the classroom, the music recital room and the games field.

As a result, girls and boys who join from the age of 2 thrive, while receiving an excellent education and lots of opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities.

Because all the children leave at the age of 11, they are prepared carefully for grammar and independent exams. They move on to excellent local secondary schools including Judd and St Olave’s for the boys or Tonbridge Grammar and Newstead Wood for the girls. Many pupils each year receive offers from Sevenoaks School.

A measure of the school’s success is that over the past six years, it has achieved an average pass rate of nearly 90% for the 11-plus. Impressive when you remember pupils are not selected or streamed.

Come and take a look round. Russell House could be just what your child needs.

For September 2017, spaces are still available in the following years:

  • Pre-school classes
  • Year 2
  • Year 4

To make an appointment, please call Melanie Roper on 01959 522352 or click here to request a call back.





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