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First News is a weekly newspaper for 7 to 14-year-olds that aims to get kids talking about the news.

Engaging children in news responsibly

Parents and teachers recognise that First News is a wonderful way of engaging children in a safe and trusted environment offline, and the children themselves enjoy having a newspaper which delivers world news in a concise and informative waywithout shying away from important stories.

Reporting the good news too

News is all around us and children pick up on news wherever they go. But not all news is bad and we passionately believe there are lots of positive stories out there. We love to cover the nice news too and celebrate what is good about the world.

Impartial and Independent

First News is owned by First News (UK) Ltd.  This is an independent company and has no political affiliations

Delivered weekly to children’s homes across the UK 

With a readership of over 2.2 million weekly readers and over 11 years reporting for children, First News is helping to engage and inform the next generation.

* This is a trial offer. After the trial the subscription will step up to £15.99 every 3 months.  There is no obligation to continue.  

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