Enjoy the summer but keep those skills ticking over! – Literacy …

Enjoy the summer but keep those skills ticking over!

Mrs.J is here with second instalment of wise words, this time looking at literacy….

As we discussed last week, skills decay in all of us; only yesterday we were all fluent in French but now, as parents, we can barely scrape the linguistic ability to order a meal. It is not a giant leap of understanding that children need their leant skills to be kept ticking over during long holidays.  As with the numeracy hints, there should be no forcing, no challenging just use these ideas to support and reinforce learning:

  • Discuss the news of the day, aim to keep an open mind and discuss with clarity and objectively. BBC Newsround is an excellent daily source of child-orientated news. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround
  • Visit your library! They are on the brink of closure and they need visitors. In the summer holidays there is always a free challenge to take part in. Books for all ages, all levels of reader and you can pile up your basket totally free! Click on this link to find your nearest library.  https://www.gov.uk/local-library-services
  • Make posters or self-designed magazines!  Cut up printed letters and/or words from newspapers and magazines.
  • Make a diary for just one week of your life.. everything,the boring wonderful details of life.. food wrappers need to be stuck in and annotated!
  • Write a letter to Grandparents just saying, hi!
  • Read, read, read, then read some more. Read to your children, with you children, listen to them read. Read anything, comics, cereal packets, lego instructions….
  • Children learn the best through modelled behaviour; so let them see you reading and most importantly of all, talk to them about everything and anything. Communication in the written and spoken word is what will be imperative to their learning, as they enter a world of social media and technology we only dreamt of.

Have fun, above all do not alienate your child from a love of learning!

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