Easy win calorie burners

Have you ever wondered how many calories you are burning when doing your mundane day to day jobs? We have done some research and found these estimates.

Clean the House – Finally! A reason to get more regular cleaning in…  Cleaning the house burns roughly a whopping 330 calories per hour!

Climbing Stairs – for every fifteen minutes spent going up and down your stairs you roughly burn 136 calories. It vaguely seems worth using the stairs instead of the escalator…

Washing the Car – as soon as the sun makes an appearance get outside and start washing the car. You can burn up to 330 calories per hour.  (Definitely aspiring to the girl in the picture here… do you think she’s got those abs from just car washing???)

Mowing the Lawn – at 125 calories per twenty-five minutes you might want to swap this chore with your husband?

Preparing Dinner – this is definitely a great one, because dinner has to be made everyday. Switch the takeaways for homemade dinners because you can burn a wonderful 74 calories every thirty minutes.

Pushing the Trolley – if you can fit it into your busy schedules you might want to start going to the supermarket again, instead of home deliveries. You are missing out on burning an extra 243 calories per hour!

Playing with Children – if you are wanting to burn a few extra calories this is the activity to choose. Running around, playing hide and seek, tea party, football – you name it … apparently you will be burning up to 300 calories per hour! Go and get involved with all their games, your body will love you!

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