Don’t let the rain get in the way of fun!

We are here to save you! We have all had those days with great anticipation of going to the beach or having a lovely day out in the sun. Then we’re reminded we live in England and the beach may have to wait until the storm has passed.  We’ve put together an emergency list for the rainy days ahead (hopefully not too many…)

Eight top activities for rainy days:

  1. Build a Den – these can be made with any household items. A few ideas include are: sheets, sofa (& sofa cushions), chairs, cushions, pillows, rubber bands, pins… the list could go on.
  2. Movie Day – Make sure your house is always fully stocked with popcorn kernels, hot chocolate and milk. One day you will need them! Bring your blankets and duvets to the sofa, snuggle up and enjoy a day at the movies. We have put a list together of summer 2017 dvd releases.
  3. Baking – Have a fun day learning to bake. One of the best ‘baking’ recipes has to be the most simple – rice crispie cakes! They always go down a treat.
  4. Visit the Library – Who doesn’t love visiting the library on a rainy day? They are warm, you are surrounded by books and your children are occupied. There will be a reading challenge during the summer holidays for ages 4-11. Here is a link for more details.
  5. Write a Letter – this could be to anyone; friends, family, children in hospitals. Letters are always exciting to receive however old you are. I have written to my Great Auntie since learning how, she has always replied with a Thank You note! This is a great habit to teach your children.
  6. Indoor Picnic – It is as simple as it sounds, lay down your picnic blanket in your home and gather up all your cushions. This is the perfect time to get your children involved in the kitchen even if its teaching them to make a sandwich, they’ve learnt a new skill. You could bake in the morning and eat your delicious treats at your picnic. If your stuck for ideas take a peak at our Pinterest board.
  7. Paint Rocks – When the sun makes an appearance and you make it to the beach or park collect pebbles ready for the rainy days. Give them and wash and you are ready to go.
  8. Scavenger Hunt – We have put together a simple indoor scavenger hunt for you below.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt WordIndoor Scavenger Hunt Download

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