6 tips for staying on track over the Christmas season

We’re always grateful for The Better Body Group’s level-headed advice, especially now during this sometimes ‘tricky’ Christmas season! Tilly Kyle, Exercise specialist from The BBG shares her wisdom…

Christmas really has started early this year with Christmas tunes playing on our radios long before December started. Whether you are a Christmas fanatic or a scrooge-wannabe, one thing is for certain: we will eat an excessive amount over the festive season. People consume, on average, around 3000 calories per day at Christmas, over one and a half times more than the recommended daily intake.

As much as we all love Christmas, it’s important to remember how hard we have worked to stay in shape during the year. It’s true what they say, it takes so long to lose and so little time to put back on. So, in light of this, we thought we’d share our top tips on how to keep those pounds off over the festive period.


  • Steer away from using phrases like “Just one more, it is Christmas after all” or “I’ll start in January”. For every extra Celebration or Quality Street that you sneak in, you spend a whopping 50 calories of your daily budget and it is so easy to get carried away.


  • Pick 3 days to eat what you want. The Christmas period, for most, lasts around 2 weeks and a lot of damage can be done to your waistline in this time. Pick 3 days on which you allow yourself to eat what you like and stick to your normal routine on remaining days. Use these days to top up on vegetables and choose meals which are high in protein. Good examples of days to choose are Christmas Day, Boxing day and New Year’s eve.


  • Have a morning routine. As a mum, you are probably up long before anyone else, in preparation of Father Christmas’ arrival. Having a simple morning routine such as a 20-minute workout that you can do at home, going for a short run and even taking the dog out for a longer walk will help burn some extra calories.


  • Choose wisely. As Christmas is such a busy time of year, large parties are normally asked to choose their meals in advance, take advantage of this and choose wisely. Pick options which are high in protein and lower in carbs as alcohol will bump the calories up. Consider choosing between starter and dessert, depending on your preference, going for the 2-course option instead of 3.


  • Drink water before meals. Drinking a pint of water before each meal can help you feel satiated and therefore can reduce the amount you eat as well as keeping you well hydrated.


  • Leave at least 20 minutes between courses. The brain can trick us and sometimes, even after eating a large meal, we can still feel hungry. Give yourself time to digest the food you have just eaten and you may find that you are actually quite full.


Yes, it is Christmas and tis the season to be jolly but it’s also important that we don’t forget what a normal portion size looks like. It’s been a fantastic year of working towards your goals, it would be such a shame to undo all your hard work in 2 weeks. Happy Christmas everyone!



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